About Us

The College of Fisheries Mangalore established  in the the year 1969 under the administrative control of University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore, has the distinction of becoming the first and premier Fisheries College imparting professional fisheries education in India. Over the last 40years the institute has grown in to a world class multidisciplinary centre offering undergraduate and Post graduate programs in fisheries science. This was achieved through of dedicated efforts of its administrators,   faculty and highly motivated students.
College of Fisheries Alumni Association (COFAA) started in the year of 1980 by a group of  like minded alumni led by R N Ramachandra under the guidance of Prof. H P C Shetty has been enjoying the patronage and support from its members. Over 1300 graduates passed out from the portals of the college are contributing significantly for the development of the association and the Institute. Over the last 30 years the COFAA has undergone a metamorphosis with its own office building cum Guest House in the College Campus. I am proud to say that ours is the only Institute in the University to have such a facility.

Alumni can play the role of a true friend, a critic, counselor and well wisher to help and update the curriculum, provide support for research projects and give their time for the institute’s academic work. Vibrant alumni – alma mater relationship flourishes only when both parties come together to help each other. It is the alumni and their performance which bring glory to the alma mater. Living up to the expectations of the institute is the most valuable contribution of alumni to their alma mater and that is in the hands of the alumni.